Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame

The 'Ballarat Sports Museum and Hall of Fame' is an appreciative record of Ballarat Sports people who have acieved success at the elite level in their particular sporting field. It celebrates the great sporting history of the region.

The Ballarat Regional Board believed that the Ballarat commuity should have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy its great sporting heritage and to acccliam its sporting heroes. It had the idea that these twin obectives could be best achieved by the development if a Sports Museum and Sports Hall of Fame.

The Ballarat Sports Museum is an initiative of the former Ballarat Regional Board.

The Sports Museum and and Hall of Fame aims to provide sport by: 

  • - Establishing a Sports Museum to record and preserve historical information and memorabilia, and develop exhibitions and activities;
  • - Esrtablishing a Sports Hall of Fame to recognise and accliam Ballarat's outstanding sportspersons.

The main requirements identified were:

  •  - Ownership of long term tenure of an adequate area of high quality space.
  •  - Access to curatorial expertise.
  •  - Community support in providing historical information and items of memorabilia.
  •  - User friendly computer electronic and online resources to display written histories, photos and video clips.
  •  - Strong interest and support by the City of Ballarat, Sovereign Hill, ISSC Australia, local media and Federation University Australia.