Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame

Nominations are now open for inductees into the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame 

Criteria for Nomination to the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame

1 .  A person may be nominated for inclusion in the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame under two categories, as follows:

1.1 Member: Status available only to competitors, past or present.

1.2 Associate: Status available to all other sports people, including administrators, coaches, scientists, sports medicine and sports media.

 2. A person nominated for inclusion in the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame shall:

2.1 Have been born within the boundaries of the City of Ballarat as established from time to time,


2.2 Have been nurtured in the sport in Ballarat for at least five years as a child, youth or young adult (eg. as a student, but the basis for nomination was established whilst residing and competing outside Ballarat).


2.3 Have resided outside Ballarat, but who has competed in a Ballarat sporting association for at least five years, during which time the basis for nomination was established.

3. The principle criterion for all selection is demonstrated achievement at an elite level in the sport(s) in which they have participated or served. Achievements in sports without the element of competition should be exceptional to be considered.

4.  Regular participation in high level competition without success is not highly regarded.

5.  In respect to associate Members, achievements arising from personal effort or initiative is essential. Long-term service is not sufficient in itself.

6.  A person, who in the judgement of the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame Committee, has committed conduct prejudicial of the Hall and its good name, shall be ineligible for induction or shall be removed from the Hall, which ever may be the case.

7. In considering persons, such as those from an earlier era, who had limited opportunity to compete at an elite level, the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame Committee shall give due weight to the expert opinions of that persons sporting peers (eg. fellow competitors from the same earlier era), providing those opinions have been recorded (ie. letters, tapes, video, newspapers, etc) and authenticated. 

8. The decisions of the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame Committee shall be final. No appeal can be made against those decisions or shall any correspondence be entered into.


Nomination Procedure:

Nominations will be considered by a Committee drawn from eminent sports persons and sports administrators, journalists and historians.

The Selection Committee is now formed and is ready to call for and consider nominations. Official nomination forms are being distributed to all Ballarat sporting organisations seeking information such as:

  • Brief Biography
  • Olympic Record of International Competition
  • Commonwealth Record
  • Australian Record
  • Victorian Record
  • Ballarat Record
  • Other Statistics


Induction Ceremony:

Once the Committee has made its selections, it will issue letters of congratulations with information on the induction ceremony and a request that acceptance be advised in writing. It is envisaged that high profile sports persons will speak at the ceremony and present the awards, and that local, state and federal officials will attend along with local television and print media. The Committee is confident that the ceremony will become a highlight in Ballarat’s sporting calendar.


Submitting the Nomination Form

Once you have completed the Nomination Form submit the Form to:

Chairman of the Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame – Ian Pym

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Post:  Ballarat Sports Hall of Fame

970 Coghills Creek Road, Coghills Creek VIC 3364

For further details phone Ian on 03 5343 4329